Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tennis Attire I LOVE

I hope you all had a great long weekend! Mine was spent studying, meeting up with some old friends, and watching Timeless. Have you seen it? I am big Matt Lanter fan (90210, anyone?), and I am obsessed with his new show. Today, I'm posting some athletic/leisure content because I feel like it's been too long since my last tennis update -- almost a year ago.

I am by NO means a tennis pro. I can barely get it over the net if we're being honest. But I have traded in Netflix in the evenings for racquetball/tennis/jogging. My sister and I are trying to do something outside and slightly athletic before the weather gets too cold. Oh wait.. too late. I do, however, want to look into an indoor tennis space near me and possibly get some lessons!

Also, since this is my senior year, I am enrolled in a few "activity courses". Bowling, scuba, racquetball, etc. They count for course credit, but they are also fun and a huge stress reliever for my busy senior year.

I have always loved the sport of tennis. The pleated skirts, tennis whites, and the language that is basically incomprehensible to non-players. It's a dream! The sport has come a long way from when the racquets were wooden and the courts were grass. The fashion has revolutionized from the classic whites and no color is out of bounds (pun intended).

I play golf, but women's golf attire is sorely lacking. Usually, I go to the tennis section of the PGA Superstore and find a few skirts. While I am a firm believer in the "no jeans" rule at the club, golf attire is becoming more lax to include athletic materials and non-collared golf shirts. No complaints here! Speaking of golf, I don't think I have ever posted about golf attire or even any golf content (if I have, it was quite a while ago). Would you guys like to see more of that?

Back to tennis, though. Scroll through for some of my current favorites. I just wish the weather was warm enough to wear some of the sleeveless items. Oh well.. I guess I could always drape a sweater over my shoulders ;) Since my court is outside, I can't wear skirts in January, so the key is to layer. J.Mclaughlin and J.Crew have athletic wear that is to die for, with leggings, jackets, etc. To be honest, it's almost too cute to sweat in! It's nice to still feel put together and look decent enough to run errands after.

Like I said before, some of my favorite brands of tennis clothes are Lacoste, Boast, and Ralph Lauren, but I also like to balance it out with some athletic brands such as Nike and Adidas - Like this Nike skirt. I wear my New Balance shoes, but my ideal tennis shoe would be these. I currently use my dad's old tennis racquet, but I could really use a new one of my own. I am going to hold off until I get a little more experienced, though. I've linked one similar. Boast is one of my all-time favorite classic tennis brands. I didn't put any Boast items on the list, but take a look at their website. You wont be sorry. 

Racquet (Similar)