Saturday, September 23, 2017

Summer Travel Series with the AJGA

I am really excited about this new addition to College, Caffeinated. I have gone back and forth on whether or not I would share about my summer internship on my blog. As much as I like to keep up the image and brand of College, Caffeinated (I usually don't share anything too personal), I am trying to make it more 'diary' style. Adding a little more "life" to "lifestyle" blog. Style posts are fun, but looking back, what I most enjoy is reminiscing about what fun things I have done more than a cute outfit I put together.

I have been writing about all of my adventures this summer each week, but instead of combining them all into one long post, I am going to split up each adventure and start a Summer Travel Series on College, Caffeinated. I will feature travel tips and highlights from some of my favorite places all over the country! I had absolutely no time to configure these posts during the summer, but now I have more time to share a little bit about it.

Parts of this summer were glamorous and picture-perfect, but like any social media post, they tend to portray only the highlights. I loved every day of it (some more than others when I didn't have my iced coffee), and we visited some absolutely breathtaking places. It was a lot of hard work and loooong hours. Internships are supposed to be a grind, this one was especially. But my overall experience and takeaways from this summer extremely outweigh the long days and hard work.

New York
North Carolina
New Jersey

Above was my schedule. Crazy, right?! I'm not going to go into much detail of my internship, but basically, a group of about nine of us traveled the country putting on national junior golf tournaments with the American Junior Golf Association. Specifically, I did a lot of different communication aspects including photography, interviews, video, recaps, and social media.

Every day was a new adventure. The four months that I spent with the AJGA were some of the most trying, physically and mentally exhausting, and tiring four months of my life. Coming into the internship, I did not know what to expect, but everyone kept telling me that the AJGA summer would be a life-changing experience. Boy, were they so right.

It's easy to see why travel internships are highly sought after. Every 8-10 days was spent in a different state and golf course. Each place was so different but so special. Be on the lookout for posts about each of them. They will be labeled "STS: ... " and linked under the Summer Travel Series link on the sidebar!