Sunday, September 10, 2017

Apartment Decorating + Nantucket Map

Whew, has it been a busy past few months or what?? Summer flew by. It's a very transitional time for me: finishing my internship, moving into an apartment, and starting my senior year. Ahhh it's all happening at once!! Currently, most everything is in boxes, but I do have an idea of how I want to organize/decorate the space.

Even if you're out of school, August/September seems to has that new year feeling, and this collaboration with Modern Map Art could not come at a better time! I thought I would do a little sneak of what I'm working with! Tackling my whole apartment at once is a little daunting, so I am going to take it one room at a time.

When Modern Wall Art contacted me, I was so excited because I love having artwork on the walls. I'm so extremely indecisive when it comes to picking artwork, which is why I never have any large prints. Hanging things on the walls seems to always be the last thing I do, but it really should be the first because it ties the room together.

First things first, my bedroom. That is my first task because it's going to be the space that I use the most. I am thankful to have a pretty spacious apartment, but as far as my bedroom goes, it s a little on the small side. Especially since it's also where my desk/study space will be.

I love this Nantucket print. I got it in the muted blue color in a size 12x18. It's larger than a typical print but small enough where it is not too overbearing on the wall. The thing that I love most about this though, is that the paper is very high quality and has a luxe look to it. (It doesn't even need to be framed!) I added a small navy ribbon to the top to kind of 'tack' it up for the time being.

For my sister's room, (yes, I decorated my sister's room), I am going with navy (of course) and hunter green with tartan accents. I will share more on this later, but I just highlighted the desk area in this post. For my room, I am going with navy and red, there will be hints of hunter green thrown in as well. Decor-wise, it will be a have a golf/ocean/ski vibe. I don't have a specific theme, but those are a few of my most favorite activities things so I'm hoping to incorporate all three. Modern Map Art also has ski map prints, which are SO neat. Outlines of some of my favorite mountains and slopes would look perfect with my "ski" theme room. That will definitely be my next purchase from them!

I thought I would do a little sneak of what I am working with! I'm really pleased with how everything is coming along, and while I wish I could get it all done this very second, I recognize that decorating is quite the process.

Follow my 'lifestyle' board on Pinterest for some more inspiration, because that is definitely where I pull my ideas from.

I also have really excited discount for 15% off at Modern Map Art if you are looking to spruce up your place as well! They have some really cool items that you don't find anywhere else... and basically every city. Click here from now until November from now until October 10th!