Saturday, May 13, 2017

Daniel Wellington Watch Q&A + Review

 I get a lot of compliments on my Daniel Wellington watch and e-mails asking about it. I love my Daniel Wellington watch, but I am a big supporter of the wristwatch in general. They are so classic and timeless. (No, this is not sponsored, I am just a huge fan of my Daniel Wellington watch!!) All opinions are my own. I thought I would do a DW watch review and quick Q&A to answer some of your questions!

Q: Why do you not use the Apple watch? 
A: The Apple watch offers connectivity with phone, music, text messaging, and it looks really cool. The watches these days are gorgeously designed. Am I totally against it? No, but I find little attraction to them. I love technology as much as the next girl, but I like to compartmentalize my technology. I keep everything I need technology-wise on my phone and computer. I can hardly keep up with what I have, add another gadget I have to charge/keep up with --  I would lose my mind.That being said, if I were to get an Apple watch, this would be this one!

Q: I can just check my phone, why do I need a watch? 
A: Okay... I totally understand this. I could not live without my phone, either. Some situations, it is not socially appropriate to pull out your phone, such as meals, during class, and in meetings just to name a few. For me, it's just one way to fight the urge to pull out my phone. 

Q: What makes the Daniel Wellington so great? 
A: It is a very thin and minimalist watch. $200 isn't that much to spend for a nice watch. Michael Kors and Kate Spade watches are $400+. I am not into gaudy watches, bulky chains, glitzy crystals, etc. It is the combination of the simple good looks, the proper size and fitting, and relatively inexpensive price. It is a timeless piece because you can mold your style over time. It is the type of watch that is timeless because there are so many ways to make it your own. The box it comes in is beautiful leather, and contains a manual, instructions, and a 2-year guarantee. It also has replacement pins and a gadget to change the strap. It is a simple watch, with lines instead of numbers, no frills, and no buttons. It is easy to forget you are wearing it, which is a big plus for me. I have had it for over a year, and the leather becomes the good kind of worn-in leather. 

Q: Which Daniel Wellington watch do you recommend? 
A: I have the Classic Bristol 36 mm in Rose Gold.  The dark brown to me is a bit more "classic" than the lighter brown band. I chose the rose gold because I wear more gold jewelry than silver, and the 36 mm size because I like a bigger watch face. 

Q: What band is best for everyday wear? Leather or NATO? 
A: One thing I love is that the bands are interchangeable. There are a ton of great choices on the website. Changing the band changes the whole look of the watch, in my opinion. The leather straps, made of genuine italian quality leather are only $64 and the NATO straps are $29-$35. I have the Classic Bristol dark brown leather band, which I wear everyday (and it matches my loafers!!). I also purchased a red and blue grosgrain band. Mine is Brooks Brothers, but DW also sells them. I use this one in the summertime or when I am out golfing. I am eyeing this one and this one. I have linked some of  favorite bands below!

Q: What other watches do you recommend/like? 
A: Now, the Daniel Wellington is a perfect everyday watch, but it's not the only one I hope to have. Not only are watches practical, but they're also great, classic pieces to have and collect. Eventually, I would like to purchase a Cartier tank watch at some point and a Cartier Ballon Bleu watch. Ahh one can dream!! There are a lot of watches on my "mental list". I have linked my favorite other watches below!

Here are some photos that show the style/fit/size with both the leather and the ribbon band! Also, you can look through more photos by typing Daniel Wellington into the search bar on the right-hand side!

Feel free to message me at if you have any further questions! I love hearing from you all! Have a great day!!