Sunday, July 23, 2017

BRIC'S Milano 2.0 Bellagio Luggage Set

Today I'll be talking about my new BRIC'S Bellagio luggage set aka the luggage of my dreams!! I have had my eye on these beauties for a while. While it's a pretty standard college graduation gift to get a nice luggage set, I really needed one sooner. I have been traveling a lot recently and never really knew how much a good piece of luggage was essential. With the occasional, short trip, you don't really notice anything, but traveling for weeks at a time, you really see the need for a good luggage set.

Specifically, I have the Bellagio 2.0 30'' Rolling Spinner Trunk (Checked bag) and the Bellagio 27'' Rolling Spinner Trunk (Carry-on). It is such a sophisticated piece and makes traveling a million times easier. I have always had good luggage, but they have always had two wheels. To me, the four wheels is my favorite part. It's a pretty standard feature on luggage nowadays, but I am not going to take it for granted. It makes ALL the difference.

It has the classic trunk silhouette that I love, yet is modernized with lightweight materials and a curved shape. With it being so lightweight, it feels extremely sturdy and durable. Originally, I was eyeing the cream and leather one here, but after giving it some thought, I was afraid it would get dirty. I wanted this to be the set that I would keep for a very long time, so I went with the brown and light brown leather. I also really like the navy one, but the two-tone brown is just too gorgeous. It comes with a 5 year warranty, so it makes me feel comfortable about dropping almost $700 a piece. Thankfully it was a gift, thanks mom and dad x1000!!

Some of the features I love: the number locks on the side (I hate dealing with broken zippers), the rose-gold handles, the cream interior and pockets, and the material (which is more shiny than in the pictures below) is so easy to wipe off and clean.

I have linked my favorites, the brown (of course), the cream, and the navy. All of them the 2.0 Bellagio collection and both in the sizes I have. Looking at other BRIC'S items makes me want to have the whole set!! Hmm maybe one day... The tote bag I have is not BRIC'S but is absolutely perfect. It is the Lodis Kiera tote. The leather perfectly matches the leather detailing of the luggage. It also has a back slip that attaches to the luggage handle, and it sits perfectly right on top. I use it as my "personal item" when traveling and throw in my wallet, laptop, and a light jacket.