Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring Book List

Before we dive into this season’s book list, did you read this article? SO GOOD. Apparently, with all the time we spend on social media, we could be reading two hundred books a year. Two hundred!!

I love to learn new things. I like to know bits and pieces of everything. If I could be a professional student, I totally would. Graduation is fast approaching and a great way to keep educating yourself, even after formal institutions, is through reading.

It can be easy to sit for hours on social media sites and online shopping, believe me, I know. But the feeling of 'knowing what's up' in the world is awesome.

I love stories of all kinds, but nothing motivates me more than real-life tales of ambitious people. Biographies can help us see how greatness thinks—in a way that textbooks often don’t. That is why my March reading list is full of biographies. What better way to prepare myself for the real world and (eeep) senior year, than by reading about successful people?

 I also included some classics that I feel like I should have read in high school and college, but definitely skimmed for the test! Anyone else?

"Our capacity for success and greatness is embodied by the people we surround ourselves with"

 Fred Kofman

Ivanka Trump

Henry David Thoreau

Tommy Hilfiger

Anna Quindlen
Cheryl Strayed

Donald A. Norman

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Laura Bush

Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind

Jane Austen

Jean Kennedy Smith

J.K. Rowling

Robert Rubin and Jacob Weisberg

Update: I promised I would update you all on books I have recently read and do quick reviews. Here are my opinions on a few of my most recent reads.

Everybody Rise: I really don't like depressing, cautionary books. Thought-provoking and deep? Sure, but I hate reading about characters that fail. Though I tend to enjoy social anthropology books about the upper class, it was kind of a stressful read, seeing as how the main character rises and rises in the book. Knowing that there is going to be a 'crash and burn' moment kept me from enjoying it. It is a good beach novel, but if you're looking for something inspirational, this isn't for you!

The Residence - Inside the Private World of the White House: Definitely a must-read. I have a weird fascination with American government and politics. Former White House correspondent Kate Andersen Brower interviewed hundreds of butlers, chefs, doormen, other staffers, and even first ladies to get the inside-scoop on the most famous address. Juicy stuff!

Don't be fooled, this list is just as much for you as it is for me. I feel like if I write it down all in one place, somehow it will make me more motivated read them. Have you read any of these recently? I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions! My goal is to read them all by the end of April.