Friday, March 3, 2017

Biking on the Beach

An oldie but a goodie. It's no secret that I love Kiawah Island. I seem to post about it all...the...time. But I have such an attachment to it, that I can't help but show its beauty off! My absolute favorite thing is to ride bikes on the beach. No question. The island is full of bike trails, and is the best mode of transportation (in my mind). Biking all the way from The Sanctuary to The Ocean Course is a bit of a trek (hence the athletic clothes), but oh so worth it! 

My suggestion? The Ocean Course is at the very tip of the island. Take the nature trails to the Ocean course in the afternoon (maybe have some appetizers or drinks at the Ryder Cup Bar) and on the way back, ride back on the beach. Just in time for sunset over the ocean! My favorite. One thing I love about Kiawah is that the beaches are firm rather than really sandy. I am not one to lay out on the beach and tan for hours. I would much rather play frisbee, go on a run, or bike on flat and firm sand. 

 If I could bottle up the weather/sunset that night and revisit it every day, I would. Check out my Kiawah Island travel guide on the sidebar as well as some of my favorite ones below:

Have a wonderful day!