Monday, January 16, 2017

December Decorating with Ralph's Coffee

Missing the holidays a little extra today. They weather has been unseasonably warm for the past week after a cold-front hit last weekend. I love a new year, and the upcoming spring season, but December went by super fast in my opinion. It felt like I was just decorating the tree before taking it down a few weeks ago. Speaking of decorating the tree. I thought I would share some photos I took during the holidays. I'm a year-around tartan, Christmas music, and hot chocolate kind of girl.

Don't get me wrong, I totally enjoy decorating for the holidays. My family usually has a tradition of doing it all together. It's fun, and we get finished so much faster. We don't have a real tree, so every year we have to put assemble it limb by limb, fluffing out branches and cleaning up thousands of needles. It's really a chore. This year, I was the only one of my siblings home before Christmas, so I had to tackle the tree practically all by myself. It wasn't too bad once I set my mind to it, whipped up some yummy coffee, had Frank Sinatra's Christmas album on repeat, and freshly baked cookies in the oven.

Here is an update about my December Bucker List which I posted last month. I know all of you are just dying to know if I baked gingerbread and went to the Nutcracker. But really, I usually never complete my entire to-do list. I write unrealistic things to do and usually, I don't have the time or the effort (let's be honest).  I completed 8/10, which I would say is pretty darn good for me. I didn't go ice-skating, and I didn't read five new books. I read one - I like to shoot for the stars. Overall, though, I did more Christmas-y things that I usually do! The highlight being The Nutcracker at the Fox Theatre for sure.

1. Go see The Nutcracker
2. Throw a holiday party
3. Go ice skating
4. Bake and decorate cookies
5. Read five new books
6. Splurge on the perfect holiday lip color
7. Take a family photo
8. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
9. Go to a tree lighting ceremony
10. Create a Christmas playlist

Not really being a scarf person, I usually only wear them for warmth when I go outside. I got this Ann Taylor scarf in November and it has become one of my favorites. It's not cashmere but feels pretty darn close. I love the black ribbon accent at the bottom because it dresses up a simple black cable-knit sweater and isn't too "Christmas-y" like a lot of winter clothing

I posted about Coffee at Ralph's in NYC last March (my all-time favorite coffee shop). Every time I use this mug, it reminds me of my perfect week in New York. It was kind of like bringing a Christmas in New York to Georgia -- ok maybe that's a stretch, but it was still a fun night of decorating.

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