Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Boston's Beacon Hill

(Acorn st.)

Will these Boston posts ever stop?? Never. I will never get over how awesome Boston is! I loved every minute of it. My most favorite area... Beacon Hill. Hands Down. Cobblestone streets, brick townhouses lining gas-lit sidewalks? Heaven. When walking through Beacon Hill, you will notice names like Chesnut St. and Cedar St. Mosts streets are named after the trees that lined them. Isn't that cool? All of these are either places I've gone or places that have been recommended to me by a local Bostonian. 

Dinner Restaurant: Grotto is an excellent contemporary Italian restaurant that is a local favorite, with homemade pasta, and delicious pizzas. Also, 75 Chesnut is the top-rated restaurant. I haven't been there but it has excellent reviews.

Store: Shopping is top-notch in Beacon Hill. There are no limitations when it comes to Charles Street. There are numerous specialty shops as well as more well-known brand stores. My favorite would have to be the Barbour store. The All Barbour jackets, hats, vests, gloves, etc are perfect for the Boston weather, and I loved admiring all. the. tartan. You can find a complete list of Beacon Hills's specialty shops here.

Store (Part two): Ball and Buck is an outdoorsmen lifestyle store on Newbury Street. Their target market is focused mainly for men, but for some reason, I just loved this store. It's popular all over the country, but the one on Newbury street is their only 'brick-and-mortar' store. The decor is so unique and there is an old-fashioned barber shop in the back. Even if you aren't in the market for anything, it's worth your while to stop by and check it out!

Coffee Shop: Tatte is a lovely coffee shop in Beacon Hill. While most of Boston is consumed with Dunkin Donuts on every corner, it was nice to sit and have a quiet moment with a good latte to plan out my route.

Brunch Spot: I have heard Paramount is the place for brunch in Beacon Hill.

Best Picturesque Spot: Acorn Street is quintessential Boston. It's actually the most photographed street in the US, believe it or not.

Sightseeing: The State House overlooks the city from its high spot. I would definitely take a tour next time I am in Boston. It's so historic and did I mention free?

Hotel: The Lenox Hotel is honestly my favorite in the Back Bay, but I also want to visit XV Beacon Hotel and The Liberty Hotel.

Museum: The Nichols House Musem. Admission is $10 but oh, so worth it because this is the only  Beacon Hill house open to the public.

Museum (part two): The Isabella Stweart Gardner Musem. They have the most amazing courtyard and is the location of the biggest art heist in the United States.

Everywhere you look, it's just absolutely gorgeous. Hope these suggestions are helpful if you ever find yourself in Beacon Hill. What is your favorite part of Beacon Hill?