Thursday, December 15, 2016

Afternoon at the Boston Public Library

Get ready for picture overload. The Boston Public Library was one of my favorite things that we did during my trip to Boston. The library itself is a masterpiece. My sister had to work, so my mom and I went exploring. It was something we wanted to see, but had no idea what to expect. You can say our it completely exceeded our expectations! 

It's located in the heart of Copley Square in Back Bay. 

The history,  the books, the architecture - swoon. The inside and outside of the library is just breathtaking. Upon entering you are immediately greeted by a grand entrance hall and marble staircases with huge lion statues. 

One of the library's hidden treasures is its courtyard. The courtyard was so picturesque and is where my mom and I spent most of our time. The space was the epitome of a peaceful haven in an otherwise busy city. Tables outlines the open-air courtyard. There's also a full-service lunch and tea only cafe located in the library. Unfortunately, we didn't have time for afternoon tea, but it is definitely on the list for next time! 

Since the trip was during fall break, I had some homework to do for school. What better place to do it than a library! I purchased a new backpack this semester, and I absolutely love it. It's a little more "rugged" than a typical backpack or tote, but it's been a lifesaver. It's the Classic Campus Pack II from LL Bean. It's sold out now, but here is one similar


The weather was a perfect 65 degrees and sunny. There was a little chill, but nothing a light cardigan and scarf can't handle! It was a little windy, so I was glad to have my trusty Lacoste headband to keep my hair out of my face. The was reading The After Party by Anton DiSclafani. It was on my October Reading list. I haven't finished it yet because class got in the way, but it was nice to have a week break to read for pleasure! 

How cute is my mom? Her Kate Spade reading glasses are adorable and she looks so "studious" in them! 

The reading room was by far my favorite aspect. The room instantly caught my eye. The grand hall has enormous arched ceiling and rows of wood tables with antique green lamps. It's a quiet room and people just sit and study. If I went to college in Boston, this is exactly where I would come to study for sure. 

There were so many books... obviously. But there is so much more to the library. There are manuscrpts, photographs, prints, and other items, all 23 million of them. There are so many galleries, exhibits, and rooms that could not be completed in one day, let alone a few hours.

Sweater (old J.Crew) // Watch // Shoes (similar) // Scarf // Shirt // Book // Headband (similar)

"Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card" -Arthur Read