Sunday, November 13, 2016

Black Watch Tartan

I've been reluctant to put away my summer staples because the weather has been in the 70's-80's consistently. Crazy, right? It's almost mid-November! Not exactly scarf and boots weather; however, the weather is starting to get cooler. That being said, I can't wait to break out some my fall pieces. 

Tartan is one of my favorite patterns, second to stripes of course. I wear it year-round, but especially during the holidays. I think some plaid is often overdone/tacky and not classic enough for my taste, so I usually stick to only a few that I absolutely love. Black watch plaid is by far my favorite. It's not a very 'holiday-ish' plaid so you can really stock up for year-round use. 

Unlike some plaid, it sticks to just a few colors so it pairs well with a lot of different things. I treat is as a neutral like navy or black. A lot of people wear 'flannel' plaid, but tartan isn't just limited to shirts. Here are some of my favorite black watch items from my favorite online retailers.