Monday, October 17, 2016

PGA Tour Championship 2016


Like all good things, the PGA tour must come to an end. Thankfully, it ends in Atlanta at the historic East Lake Golf Club. With 30 of the world's greatest golfers.

The Tour Championship is honestly one of my favorite golf tournaments, third to the Ryder Cup and The Masters (obviously). Being a college golfer, I love to play golf, butttt I also love to watch professional golfers (who are honestly not much older than I am). 

Last year, my sister and I went and had so much fun. This year, the weather was 80 and sunny, whereas last year it was 65 and rainy. Check out last years' Tour Championship. Completely different experience! My sister is studying abroad in England, so my mom volunteered to go with me this year. We drove down early Sunday morning (the last day of the tournament) and spent the day following the top golfers in the world - mainly Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy haha. We had a quick dinner in Atlanta at Stoney River, and then I headed back to school the next morning!

Dressing for golf is easy. Dressing for golf tournaments? Now that's a different story. Men have it so much easier. They wear golf clothes to golf tournaments. Girls don't really wear golf clothes to golf tournaments. Most courses have a dress code (Collared Shirts, No Jeans). I have seen everything from athleisure to sundresses. I usually stick with a nice top, shorts, and loafers (comfy shoes are a must). Can't wait until next year!