Monday, June 6, 2016

Dessert at The Polo Bar

The Polo Bar 
1 E. 55th St | New York City
Hours: 5:00pm-10:30pm | 7 days a week

If I could wear one brand for the rest of my life, it would be Ralph Lauren. I'm obsessed. Ralph Lauren just knows how to do classic. It is stunningly clear anytime I walk up a staircase lined with oil paintings from his collection that Ralph Lauren is a lifestyle. Dining is no exception to this lifestyle. And let me tell you, just like everything else he does, The Polo Bar is inspired.  

He opened three restaurants in New York City, Chicago, and Paris, and as well as a coffee shop in New York City. However, I believe Atlanta would be an excellent choice for a fourth restaurant. (*Hint hint - Looking at you, Ralph!) When I was in the city this month, The Polo Bar was at the top of my list. I was thrilled to score a reservation at one of the most exclusive, classic, and booked-solid (did I mention exclusive?) restaurants in the city. To merely step foot inside, a reservation is required. I was out late at a play that night so I got a reservation at 10:30 p.m. A tad late, but hey, it's the city that never sleeps, right? It was ideal for some late-night dessert with the girls. 

The Inspiring Interiors

The ambiance was top-notch. There's only one way to describe it -- casual elegance. From hunter green walls and the mahogany paneling, it was all so, well, Ralph Lauren. No detail was left to chance. Think large, gorgeous paintings of horses, equestrian props, country club green & white tablecloths. The waiters looked like models, all decked out in RL apparel. Classic, old school... my kind of place. And who can resist those tartan accent pillows?

The Menu

It was dark in the restaurant, so I apologize for the horrible quality photography, but it really added to the mysterious and exclusive feel of the place. Personally, I wanted to try everything on the menu. There was nothing too surprising on the menu. I was expecting dishes I could not pronounce and one-bite portions, but this was not the case at all. Just look at the mouth-watering menu.

We ordered pretty much one of every dessert on the menu, from The Polo Bar Brownie to Ralph's Coffee Ice cream. I ordered the apple pie a la mode and of course, a cup of Ralph's Coffee to accompany. Besides the aesthetics, the food is truly excellent. I would honestly take a trip to the city just for dinner at Ralph's. That is how much I enjoyed it. 

Ideal meal: 1/2 dozen Beausoleil Oysters, The Polo Bar Salad, Ralph's Corned Beef Sandwich with Hand-Cut Fries, and The Polo Bar Brownie. Basically anything with the words "Polo Bar" or "Ralph" in the name. Any item with the restaurant's namesake is usually a safe bet that it is their signature dish and going to be delicious.  
**The waiter told me that I must try the corned beef sandwich next time I'm in town because it's "Ralph's favorite". 

I must oblige, of course -- Mr. Lauren's bar, Mr. Lauren's rules. 

"I’m drawn to the kind of food that people truly enjoy—vibrant food that people want to return to time and again."

You did not disappoint, Mr. Lauren. Until next time....