Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Fonville Press

Coffee shop by day, wine bar by night. 

The Fonville Press is the place to be in Alys Beach. The town is quiet and relaxed and only has a couple of stores. Very minimalist. The Fonville Press captures the essence of Alys. It has an outdoor patio, a coffee shop, a newsstand, a bookshop, a cafe, and at night it turns into a wine and espresso bar... If I could move in I literally would. Everyone was so friendly and they make great coffee. It was almost impossible not to stay the entire day!

I'm in Florida currently for the entire summer and love getting to explore new things and new places on the gulf coast. I drove down to Alys Beach one morning and decided I needed a relaxing day filled with coffee, reading, and inspiration so I popped into Fonville Press. Most coffee shops don't have a lot of seating and are too crowded to get anything done, but this one encourages you to linger with plenty of seating. Half of a book, an iced vanilla latte, and a chocolate croissant later, I didn't even feel guilty about spending four hours there.

As far as reading goes, I've been trying to be more proactive and use this time off from school wisely. I want to read 10 random books and 10 classics before I start my junior year (yikes). My first book? Everybody Rise. A book that Carly from The College Prepster recommended on her Summer Reading List and I happened to recognize at Sundog Books. I'll let you know if it's a must-read.

147 West La Garza Lane // Alys Beach, Fl 32413

This won't be my last visit to the Fonville Press this summer. Until next time...