Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A San Pellegrino Summer

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Downtown Seaside

You could always find me with a San Pellegrino Limonata in my hand. 

Alys Beach


Outdoor concert time!


Sisters before misters amiright?
*Insert girls dancing emoji*

We like big putts and we cannot lie.

In all the craziness of fall semester, I forgot to post pictures from my summer at the beach! Perfect timing, because I'm really missing the carefree-ness of the summer, not to mention the warm Florida weather. I love autumn, don't get me wrong. From the leaves to the caramel iced coffee, it's one of my favorite times of the year.  Looking at all my old photos makes me miss my exam/responsibility-free three months.

Seaside, FL.
A quaint and charming community where bikes are the main form of transportation and pastel cottages line the streets. Where no one is in a rush, and your only worry is how to ride a bike with ice cream in your hand.

The city is surrounded by gourmet food trucks, upscale boutiques, art galleries, weekly farmers, markets, an old post office, bookstores, and so much more. Every Wednesday during the summer, Seaside puts on a Summer Music Series in the park featuring everything from country, pop, indie, and even folk bands. I was #blessed to have the opportunity to live at the beach all summer through Campus Outreach's Summer Beach Project.

Ever since elementary school I always have regrets about the summer. I regret all of the fun things I didn't do or could have done. This one was different. Looking back, I could not think of anything I would change.  Sure it was exhausting, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, but I traveled all over the Florida panhandle, met some of my best friends, played lots and lots of sand volleyball, and grew up A LOT.
What a perfect three months filled with golfing, swimming, and eating good food. You will be missed Summer '15.

-- Taylor

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