Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Charleston, SC

After two days filled with quaint gardens, gelato, mansion shopping on the waterfront, brunch at Magnolia's, and multiple picturesque coffee shops stops, I believe I have fallen in love with the charming city of Charleston. Two days wasn't nearly enough time to complete the must-do's on my list, even with a packed schedule. These are just a few of the many pictures I snapped while touring downtown chucktown.

{The places I visited & LOVED}
The Battery: Head over to Easy Bay and take a walk along the Charleston Harbor as you marvel at the history and mansions while eating salted caramel Belgian Gelato. 
Dinner at Southend Brewery: A 3 three-story smokehouse with the BEST strawberry pecan salad.
Coffee, Art Gallery, & Rooftop bar at The Vendue: What did this place not have? I loved the view from the rooftop while sipping on a caramel iced coffee and perusing through the art gallery. 
Brunch at Magnolia's: Delicious.

Definitely not enough time to do everything Charleston has to offer. Too many coffee shops to visit, so I MUST go back.
Stay Classy. -T

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