Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How To Become a Morning Person {or at least fake it}

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Never have I ever been a morning person, and never will I {probably} ever become a morning person. However, I was lucky enough to land 5 straight days of 8:00am classes this semester. Yay. I don't know what I did to deserve not even one precious day to sleep in. 

BUT, the negativity/pity party stops there. I have always wanted to be that person who wakes up early, is productive, and has finished more by noon than I usually accomplish by the end of the day. Well, be careful what you wish for, because here is my chance. 

Here are 6 habits to get into that might make you a morning person. No promises. 
Fake it till you make it, am I right?

1) Plan the night before. This includes your outfit, backpack, notes, books, etc. Grab it and go. Trust me, having everything ready the night before makes things 100% easier the next morning. 

2) Shower at night. It will knock off at least an hour to your morning routine, allowing you to sleep in more! It's a win, win. 

3) Set your alarm to a song. None of this fire alarm, repetitive, not mention annoying beeping nonsense. Hearing a familiar song is much easier to wake up to. {i.e. some JB or TSwift} Oh, also... skip the snooze button. Trust me, "just 10 minutes" turns into 45 minutes if you're not careful. 

4) Once you immediately wake up, start stretching. Have a few yoga poses to do to help you wake up and get active. Stretching will release all the tension in your body from last night's sleep. 

5) Breakfast. Seems obvious right? Well, I am the first to admit that I've skipped breakfast for most of my life; however, with 5 classes back to back, I have to eat something or else I won't be able to focus. Avoid swinging by Chickfila or the dining hall and keep some yogurt, fruit, or granola bars in your room to grab on your way out. Saves money & time. 

6) Keurig. Keurig. Keurig. Coffee, apple juice, whatever your go-to liquid may be, make it in the morning. Nothing wakes me up more than the smell of coffee. And it keeps me going for at least a few hours. 

{Tip}: My morning coffee regimen: Starbucks caramel coffee k-cups brewed in a Mini Keurig, poured in this adorable $1 reusable Starbucks to-go cup. Did I mention it was $1!?

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