Thursday, July 24, 2014

Totes Ready For College

To carry a backpack or to carry a tote? That is the question. I most definitely am "totes" ready for college... that is, once I find a "tote" ready for college. Throughout high school, I liked to switch it up every year; sometimes I'll use a shoulder bag, sometimes I'll use a backpack. It just depends based on the year; however, for the past two years, I've preferred a backpack over a tote due to the fact that by the end of the day, shoulder bags kill my back and leave me lopsided. 

For college, I may have a different POV. Not only because of the spread out classes, but also because a tote will serve many different purposes other than stowing books and a calculator, such as my Lilly Pulitzer Planner, an umbrella, food & drink, clothes, purse, etc. If you are like me and just can't decide between the two, choose both! I currently have a North Face Recon backpack in a grey and light green color which I absolutely cannot live without, but I'm also thinking of purchasing the LongChamp and doing the duel tote idea. That way I can keep my school and personal items separate.

But whatever your preference may be, tote bag or backpack, here are some of my top choices for each.

Kate Spade // North Face // J.Crew // LongChamp // Lilly Pulitzer // JanSport
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