Saturday, July 12, 2014

In Lilly Pulitzer Agendas We Trust

Lilly Lover
I am SO pumped about my new Lilly agenda. Who gets weirdly excited over adorable school supplies? This girl. It was such a big decision for me. It may seem like just a planner to everyone, but to me, it is something I'll be using every day for a year, and that counts as a big decision in my book. I was between a Lilly or a Kate Spade agenda, and it was a tough-y, but the main reason I went with a Lilly one is due to one minor detail: the fact that the LP agenda is spiral bound and therefore I can flip it over easily-- if that even makes sense. Also, it just seems like Lilly puts so much detail into their planners... laminated tabs, the colorful designs for each month, etc. 

There is something so refreshing about having a whole new agenda for the start of the school year. I love flipping through the blank pages and imagining what kinds of events and activities are going to fill the pages! There has been a lot of hype about it, and since I am going to be a college freshman in the fall, there is no better time to get my first one! It's just making me more and more excited to go to college. Eeep! 

It has just about everything anybody needs to stay organized: monthly calendars, space for daily scheduling, a full page of stickers, holidays, birthdays, and even a horoscope! It perfect for someone like me who stays organized entirely on paper; allowing me to highlight and color-code. I purchased the large one because I wanted it to be small enough to fit in my purse, yet spacious enough to write. The jumbo to me seemed too large, especially if I wanted to take it to class or to a meeting, but the large is definitely the right size, and with it being a 17-month calendar, I feel like I get more bang for my buck. I'm not going to lie it took me a good half-hour to decide which design to get. But eventually I went with the classic Lilly print: Lilly Lovers. It isn't uncommon that they sell out pretty quickly, so if you want one, I wouldn't hesitate. {Lilly Pulitzer} Can't wait to use mine in August!

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