Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MacBook Pro Laptop Sleeves!

I still can't believe it. I am going off to college in the fall and my parents kind of insinuated that I would be taking my 18th century Dell Inspiron with me. Bleh. But they completely surprised me with a 13 Macbook Pro W/ retina display! I could just stare at it for hours, it's so clean and crisp. I tell you, Apple really knows how to package their products. I am just so excited to preppify it, I mean... write college papers and study diligently. Anyways, I have the WHOLE summer to play with it so first order of business, a laptop case. I really don't like cases. To me they seem extremely bulky, especially for the soon-to-be college freshman like myself. But being the clumsy girl I am, I know that it won't last too long without some protection. I want something that is thin yet protective and easy to take out/put back in. Thus the laptop sleeve was invented. I want a sleeve with a classic yet feminine flair. Something simple yet gorgeous. Since this will practically be my life for the next 4 years, I really want to invest in a good quality sleeve AND since I want to keep it protected and in it's case most of the time, it might as well look cute, right? Pretty, preppy, & practical is my motto. It may just be me, but when everything is organized and cute, I perform better. Look good, feel good. Here are a few of my favorite sleeves that I have found. I think I'm leaning towards a monogramed one on Etsy. It's the cheapest one, but I don't mind splurging a little for a quality sleeve. I'm thinking of getting it in navy blue quatrefoil and grapefruit script monogram.
BUT. I do love the two Kate Spade ones on the upper left. And you can't go wrong with a LP.       
  Ugh. Decisions... Decisions...
pretty, preppy, and practical laptop sleeves

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