Friday, February 21, 2014

Tortoise Shell Accessories!

Tortoise Shell Accessories
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Ahh Tortoise shell... the timeless marble-pattered material, showing up on everything from shoes to sunglasses. The wonderful thing about tortoise shell is that it is the perfect combination of dressy and casual. It's always been a fashion no-no to pair brown with black; however, recently, this faux-pas is rapidly changing, with black and brown two-tone boots (which by the way, I need ASAP) as well as tortoise shell accessories. This is such a great thing because before, I used to have to choose between black or brown for an outfit, but now with these tortoise shell accessories, it bridges the gap between the two colors, making wardrobe choices much, much easier.

Stock up on some tortoise shell accessories, it's definitely going to be making an appearance this spring!

What are you're favorite tortoise shell accessories? 

Stay classy!