Monday, December 2, 2013

{Mani Monday} - DIY French Manicure

Kiss Everlasting French Wraps

Well, it’s that time again. Thanksgiving Break has officially ended, and I have to go to school. It can be tough, but what gets you through the week better than a fresh manicure? Am I right? Fall and winter nail colors are my absolutely favorite. I go to Ulta just to look at the rows and rows of various neutrals, plums, and reds. I actually enjoy painting my nails. It’s relaxing and gives me time to think. For about 30 minutes to and hour, I can focus on one task without any outside distractions.

I know I have my life together when I have free time to paint my nails. When I paint my nails though, they last about a solid 2 days until they start chipping, then I feel like a hobo for about 2 weeks. I just don’t have time to redo my nails every couple of days.

French manicures are so clean and classy, but whether getting them done at a salon or doing them yourself, it can be a hassle and very expensive. I usually do them myself with white polish, but it always results in my left hand looking perfect and my right hand looking like a 5 year old painted them. Actually, scratch that. A 5 year old could probably do better. That’s how bad it looks. Occasionally, I’ll get them done at the salon, but that can be expensive and damage your nails. I knew there had to be a better solution. While perusing through the Wal-Mart a few days ago, I found the Kiss Everlasting French Wrap Kit and decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose? I could always return it. I ended up loving them. They are so easy to put on and can last up to 2 weeks. Here are the steps on how to use them to get a nice looking French manicure. The instructions provided are pretty easy to follow.

The package includes:
28 wraps (14 sizes)
Top Seal
Base Seal
Nail File
Manicure Stick

Step One: Clip nails and push back cuticle. Just make sure your nails are prepped properly before starting.
Step Two: Pick out the sizes that fit each nail. There should be plenty of each.
Step Three: Pull back the clear tab and apply the glue to the white tip. Place the white tip on the nail and press down for 10 seconds.
Step Four: Pull down on tab to release the clear tab. Clip the excess white on the top of nail.
Step Five: Apply 1 coat of base seal. Allow them to dry. Then apply 2 coats of top seal.

A Few Pointers: The instructions say just to apply glue to the white nail wrap, but I found that if I also applied a thin layer of glue on the tip of my nail, this helped prevent any edges lifting. Also make sure you press down and hold the middle, then press down and hold the edges for about 10 seconds each for every nail. Also every couple of days, apply the top seal as needed to help the manicure last longer.

I highly recommend this product if you want a fresh, low-maintenance manicure. There are about 2 manicures worth of wraps in each pack (with extras), so I suggest buying the Refill Pack which includes an additional 56 wraps so you can just replace the nail when it gets chipped without having to take off all of the others.

{Viola} You now have a cute and preppy French manicure at your fingertips…Literally!

Stay Classy!